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Subside pour les post-docs FGSE – Matterhorn Grants

2 novembre 2022 Toute la journée

This funding tool complements the different instruments of the FINV (FGSE Investment Fund). It is specifically aimed at post-docs (i.e. Premiers assistants et postdoctorants, maîtres assistants et maîtres assistants suppléants, chercheurs FNS seniors, boursiers postdocs de la Confédération) to support projects with a view to Relève. This fills a gap since postdoctoral fellows do not have direct access to the FINV. We strongly encourage you to read the conditions of this grant, described in the appendix, and to submit. The maximum amount is, as a general rule, CHF 10,000 (excluding matching)

Please see the principles and guidelines in the document sent by in September, 26.

Applications will be evaluated by the FGSE Research Commission, which will notify the Décanat, for a decision by the end of November.