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SNSF Advanced Grants

31 janvier @ 17:00

Following Switzerland’s non-association to Horizon Europe as of 2021, the SNSF has on the government’s behalf launched the scheme ‘SNSF Ad-vanced Grants’. It is aimed at researchers who intended to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant.

The scheme is open to all research disciplines and topics.

The applicants must have a track record of outstanding research over the past ten years and must be recognised leaders in their fields. Scientists of any nationality who want to pursue innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland can apply for an SNSF Advanced Grant.

SNSF Advanced Grants are awarded up to a maximum of CHF 1.9 million for a period of up to 5 years (including 15% overhead paid directly to the host institution).

Follow the FGSE procedure “Demande d’accueil”. If you have questions about salary range and budget, please contact the FGSE research consultant.