Tabea Latocha, Academic Teaching as Caring During the Pandemic

© Tabea Latocha and Lena Wegmann
© Tabea Latocha and Lena Wegmann

Teaching in times of social distancing and #stayathome has been a great challenge for both scholars and students. The abstract-distant communication barely left space for collective thinking and critical methodologies. Especially when concerned with feminist theories, urban inequality and social reproduction, however, it is vital to actively re-claim the virtual space in order to invite mutuality, support and care into teaching as a form of collective learning.

These four screenshots were taken during the online sessions of a virtual seminar at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, which Lena Wegmann and I have facilitated on “the feminist city”. We explored topics of urban planning, neoliberal enclosure, materiality, social reproduction and care, and tried to create a collaborative, caring online space to work together with the students. We were really touched by the open-ness of participants to play, learn and explore rather than get taught. 

I hope you enjoy the fun screenshots that give some insight in our way of working together, of learning from one another; university as a way of caring.

Tabea Latocha is PhD student at the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) of De Montfort University, Leicester, UK working on relational geographies of housing and home. In her research, she is looking at the financialisation of social rented housing in Germany through the lens of care, seeking to develop a feminist political economy of housing-as-home.