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Thursday, November 26 | 13.00

Welcome & Introduction

Thursday, November 26 | 13.30-15.00

Panel 1: Caring for spaces, caring through spaces
This panel considers the spatial dimension of care and how it is connected to activist practices of commoning through two non-exclusive axes: caring for spaces and caring through spaces.

Moderator / discussant: Mélanie-Evely Pétrémont | University of Geneva | University of Lisbon

Simone Ranocchiari | University of Lausanne
Title: Rome’s self-managed socio-cultural places as vehicles of care

Renata Moreno | Sempreviva Organizaçao Feminista
Title: Among women, houses and daycare centers: sustaining life in the periphery of São Paulo

Maddalena Fragnito | Coventry University
Title: Commoning care within digital space

Thursday, November 26 | 15.30-17.00

Panel 2: Caring across species and scales
This panel interrogates the feminist and queer politics of care and reproduction in light of the unfolding ecological crisis. It examines the uneven social-ecologies of care and the multi-scalar connections bringing together species and temporalities.

Moderator / discussant: Miriam Tola | University of Lausanne

Stefania Barca | University of Coimbra
Title: Undoing the Anthropocene: the politics of “inter-species being” in the castanheiras of South Pará (BR)

Irene Becci | University of Lausanne
Title: Gendered Analogies between Intimate and Cosmological Scales in the Care for Urban Nature

Delmy Tania Cruz Hernandez | National Autonomous University of Mexico
Title: TBA

Joëlle Salomon Cavin | University of Lausanne
Title: Cockroaches and bedbugs in the privacy of urban housing. Killing to care, killing with care?

Wheatfield – A Confrontation by Agnes Denes. Credits.

Friday, November 27 | 11.00-12.30

Roundtable: Genealogies and Futures of Care
The speakers in this roundtable are invited to engage with a feminist/queer text on the politics of care and use them as tools for interpreting and transforming the current political moment.

Moderator / discussant: Eléonore Lepinard | University of Lausanne

Pamela Ohene Nyako | University of Geneva
Title: Women’s Epistolary Exchanges as Transnational Practices of Self-Care

Amaia Pérez Orozco | XXK collective
Title: From life sustainability to care… and back?

Jamie Hakim (Care Collective) | University of East Anglia
Title: TBA

Friday, November 27 | 14.30-17.00

Workshop: Care as Method
This workshop focuses on care in research practices and institutions. It creates space for self-reflection about positionality and for thinking care as methodological tool, or posture, to advance feminist research.

Facilitators: Silvia Wojczewski, Marianna Fernandes, Hendrikje Alpermann, Kwaku Adomako & Laura Neville | University of Lausanne

Parvati Raghuram | Open University UK
Silvia Wojczewski | University of Lausanne


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