Workshop Contributions

During the workshop Care as Method which took place online on November 27th 2020, participants were invited to discuss the theoretical and practical implications, as well as the risks and possibilities, of approaching care as method. Drawing on methodologies and epistemologies distinctive of feminist research, the workshop focused on care in research practices and research institutions. It was aimed at being a space of self-reflection about positionality and about how care can be perceived as a methodological tool, or posture, to advance ethical research. 

Prior to the workshop we invited participants to share a piece of work connected to the topic Care as Method; in the form of a short essay, a poem, an image, collage, and other. Some of these contributions are collected here under the next section. Thank you to all the contributors!

List of names and contributions

Analía Jacob, The Caring of Bonds in Ethnographic Research.

Anusha Hariharan,  “Us. Together for 30 years”: Care, Intimacy, Feminist Friendship.

Chester Arcilla, Why Do You Hurt Us? Care Work against Gentrification Violences.

Daniela Jauk, Feminist Mothering in the Pandemic – A Literary Cadavre Exquis.

Enid Still, Care within Time.

Hendrikje Alpermann, Responsibility: Some Thoughts on Care as Method.

Isabelle LeBlanc, Queerness in Acadia. Negotiating Legitimacy within a Linguistic Minority. Does Anybody “Care” ?

Silvia Wojczewski, Cultivating Caring Relationships in Feminist Research Practice.

Stefano Di Gregorio, Dystopian Care.

Tabea Latocha, Academic Teaching as Caring During the Pandemic.

V’cenza Cirefice, Extracting Us.