New World – New Skills

In a world that is accelerating – driven not only by technological breakthroughs, but also by major societal changes and unprecedented environmental constraints – it is also important for humans to gain momentum to cope with change.

Indeed, these innovations accelerate the obsolescence of knowledge and skills. The lifespan of skills is drastically reduced, raising fears of de-skilling and downgrading, both among individuals who fear losing their jobs and in companies that have to manage their human capital.

Today’s jobs will not be tomorrow’s jobs and the gap is widening between the skills available today and the skills that will be needed in tomorrow’s labour market.

Based on this observation, given the urgency of the situation and the key role played by HEC Lausanne as a trainer of tomorrow’s decision-makers, the faculty decided to create a new and unique entity – the Future Skills LAB – to identify the evolution of professions and define the new skills portfolios that individuals must develop today to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

The Future Skills LAB – at the heart of an exceptional campus comprising 7 university faculties (UNIL) and the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) – is an observation, analysis and research entity for all issues related to the obsolescence and the updating of professional skills.

The Future Skills LAB, located at HEC Lausanne, collaborates with academic experts from all campus institutions as well as experts from the professional world. The association of these far-sighted, competent and informed experts, capable of understanding the challenges related to market disruptions and capable of innovation, but also strongly rooted in the reality of the labour market, will make it possible not only to identify the risks and opportunities related to this acceleration, but also to co-create a better future while making sure the right skills are being developed among students and learners.