Skills Obsolescence

In 4 years
you’ll have to relearn 30% of your current job
– Start now! –

In her “100 year life” best seller, Lynda Gratton suggests that the first people to live to be 100 years old and above have already been born. That is a long time to live—and work. The 3-phase life is definitively dead (20 years education / 40 years work/ 20 years retirement).

Combine this longevity concept with the velocity of technological change we are experiencing (artificial intelligence, machine learning, digitalisation,…) and it becomes clear that the current educational ecosystem will have to evolve to support this world of exponential futures, where the current skills’ shelf life is decreasing drastically.

“In 4 years
you’ll have to relearn
30% of your current job”

*Mark Niemann-Ross

It is time to rethink our social and educational structures to match the realities of our new lives.

And at a more individual level, it is time for you to show passion and curiosity and above all willingness to learn if you want stay pertinent on the labour market.

  • Develop a global perspective of your industry

In an exponentially evolving world, where competition arises where you less expect it, it is your responsibility to actively monitor technological and structural innovations in your industry. Life will be manifold and it will be about riding the waves of change.

Look out for that next big wave and dare to step out of your comfort zone to test new waters. Read books that will open your mind on the future of your industry. Read Harvard Business Reviews, white papers from big consulting companies, watch ted talks. Or come back to university….

  • Be a curious mind and dig deep

If society is disrupted by technology, it is more than likely that your very own function will evolve faster than you think, in ways you may not even imagine. Now keep in mind that young university students are currently being trained to take over jobs that are only emerging or don’t even yet exist. What chances will you stand compared to an ambitious graduate student with a free and digital mind? None. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in 2020, curiosity will give the cat its 10th life!

Subscribe to three specific professional Linkedin groups today, go to one experts’ conference per month and get out there to build your own spike!

Or of course, come back to university…

  • Find your Passion and leave a trail

Technology is not the only mega trend our world is currently facing. Environmental changes and societal changes are also impacting our lives. How about you combine your global systemic knowledge (knowledge of your industry), your functional expertise (future oriented knowledge of your function), with a passion pursuing noble values?

Work toward having a positive impact on your environment – be it small or big – for it is only with passion and sincerity (and hard work) that change happens.

You just want to have a nice job and keep it for security?

Sticking to your job won’t bring you security;

Flexibility, agility and willingness to learn on the other hand will.