Digitalization is transforming our lives. aDIVA is an innovative research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and conducted by researchers from Unine, Unil, and Idiap to investigate how applicants experience and use new technology in the context of online selection interviews to help them improve their verbal and non-verbal performance.

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University of Lausanne –Marianne Schmid Mast, (HEC, Co-Principal Investigator) –Emmanuelle Kleinlogel, (HEC, Post-doctoral Researcher)   University of Neuchâtel –Adrian Bangerter, (IPTO, Principal Investigator) –Eric Mayor, (IPTO, Senior scientific collaborator)   IDIAP Reseach Institute –Daniel Gatica-Perez, (IDIAP, Co-Principal Investigator) –Skanda Muralidhar,


Description of the study The first goal of the study is to continue Marianne Schmid-Mast and Daniel Gatica-Perez’s research based on an existing online platform for video interviews. This interactive platform collects online video interviews from laptop computers through a


Adrian Bangerter, (University of Neuchâtel, IPTO, Principal Investigator)