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May 2023


DBC News is a monthly publication that seeks to inform first and foremost faculty members, researchers and students. It also reaches out to a wider community - Department of Computational Biology partners, visiting faculty and friends.

Alongside the Department's website it is a complementary means of keeping abreast of the Department's rich and diversified scientific activities - visiting faculty, exceptional conferences, publications, awards, appointments, calls for papers and research, ...


Many thanks to you for the good collaboration throughout these years and we all wish every success in your future endeavours.
Diana Cruz Davalos
PhD, Group Malaspinas
Charles Bernard
Postdoc, Group Dessimoz
Anneke Brümmer
Postdoc, Group Bergmann


May 11th - DBC Seminar with Dr. Maria Brbic

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

"Discovering cell types across tissues, disease states and species"

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May 25th - DBC Seminar with Prof. Dannie Durand

Associate Professor - Carnegie Mellon University

"Probing Multidomain Architecture Design with Stochastic Sampling and Language Models"

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Congratulations to Liza Darrous for the well deserved prize of Best Presentation at the EMGM 2023

Watch Liza's outreach video about her research here

Among the new research grants financed by the SNSF, twenty projects from the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) of the UNIL have been selected. - Read more

Congratulations to Dirk Fasshauer and Christophe Dessimoz for their Sinergia grant


12th Lausanne CompBio meeting - June 14th

12th Lausanne CompBio meeting will take place on June 14th, 2023, 10:00-14:00 at UNIL in Auditorium C of the Genopode building. Please book the date in your calendar!
The meeting will follow a similar schedule as the last one (i.e four 30’ presentations followed by lunch and discussions) and we will announce the talk line-up in due time.

Les Mystères de l’UNIL

Venez découvrir les sciences !
June 3 & 4

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Life Science Career Day

May 16th 2023 - A large-scale networking and career guidance event for students and young researchers

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31st conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

23-27 July 2023

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[BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference

11 - 13 September 2023

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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Phylogenetic profiling in eukaryotes comes of age - With David Moi, Christophe Dessimoz

PheWAS-based clustering of Mendelian Randomisation instruments reveals distinct mechanism-specific causal effects between obesity and educational attainment - With Liza Darrous, Zoltán Kutalik

Participation bias in the UK Biobank distorts genetic associations and downstream analyses - With Tabea Schoeler, Eleonora Porcu, Zoltán Kutalik

Intestinal epigenotype of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) associates with tenacibaculosis and gut microbiota compositio - With Davide Bozzi

Inference of phylogenetic trees directly from raw sequencing reads using Read2Tree - With David Dylus, Sina Majidian, Christophe Dessimoz

A combined experimental-computational approach uncovers a role for the Golgi matrix protein Giantin in breast cancer progression - With Arvind Iyer

Topography of associations between cardiovascular risk factors and myelin loss in the ageing human brain - With Olga Trofimova

Bias correction for inverse variance weighting Mendelian randomization - With Ninon Mounier, Zoltán Kutalik

FuzPred: a web server for the sequence-based prediction of the context-dependent binding modes of proteins - With Andras Hatos

Genetic variation in cis-regulatory domains suggests cell type-specific regulatory mechanisms in immunity - With Diana Avalos, Diogo Ribeiro, Olivier Delaneau

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Computational Postdoctoral Fellow –CRISPR analysis of gene co-dependencies in cancer - Location : Saffron Walden, United Kingdom

Research associate (computational metabolomics, m/f/d) - Location : Halle, Germany

Postdoc in applied mathematics and data analysis - Location : Luxembourg

Postdoctoral Researcher for Neurometabolic Disease Modeling in Zebrafish and Mouse - Location : Luxembourg


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