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April 2022


DBC News is a monthly publication that seeks to inform first and foremost faculty members, researchers and students. It also reaches out to a wider community - Department of Computational Biology partners, visiting faculty and friends.

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The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Olga Trofimova
Postdoc, Group Bergmann

After a M.Sc. in Neuroscience, I did my PhD in the Neuroimaging Research Lab (LREN) at the University Hospital of Lausanne. I worked on brain ageing and the quantification of brain microstructural properties associated with cardiovascular risk factors using magnetic resonance imaging. I joined Sven Bergmann's team where I will combine retinal imaging with brain imaging to study the genetic basis of age-related vascular changes. Besides my scientific career, I'm also a professional trombone player and composer. Music and science are for me very close and complementary activities that both nourish the curious and creative mind.

Silvia Prieto Baños
Phd, Group Dessimoz

I completed my MSci in Biological Sciences in 2021 at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. In my master’s thesis I examined the non-allopatric diversification of dorid nudibranchs (shell-less sea slugs) based on their diet and ability to synthesize or assimilate their defence chemicals. After my graduation, I started an internship at the University of Porto’s marine research centre, where I worked on Mediterranean corals’ population genomics and the on-going search for heat-resistance loci. I am now joining Dessimoz’s lab for my PhD, which will focus on analysing the conservation of gene positions, the propensity of neighbouring genes to be involved in the same biological process and their biological and evolutionary significance.


Many thanks to you for the good collaboration throughout these years and we all wish every success in your future endeavours.
Ioanna Stefani
Doctoral student - Group Fasshauer

Joanna Stefani


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May 5th - DBC Seminar with Dr. Jordi Garcia Ojalvo, Professor of Systems Biology at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. More details to come soon


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When our members shine...

Sara Heim among the laureates of the thought-provoking artworks of the first edition of the Art + Science Contest
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D. Day 2022 - April 27th

The D.Day is an event aiming at developing Ph.D. student interactions, highligting current work, and illustrating the wide variety of research topics at FBM - Read more
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VIP2 Post Doc Fellows

VIP2 is a postdoctoral fellowship program at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) offering three – year fellowships that are open to candidates with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics.
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MCEB - Château d'Oex - June 26-30, 2022

This year's "Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology” edition—which is co-organised by DBC professors Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas, Giovanni Ciriello, and Christophe Dessimoz—will cover several scientific themes, focusing mainly on cancer evolution, phylodynamics, phylogenomics and mathematical phylogenetics and in particular, how new models and algorithms deal with the huge amount of genetic data available nowadays in order to improve our understanding of the mechanisms governing evolution at multiple scales. The number of place is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment (but talk to your PI first!). And if you register, please choose the “invoice” option for the payment.

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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Benchmarking metagenomics classifiers on ancient viral DNA: a simulation study - With Yami Ommar Arizmendi Cárdenas, Samuel Neuenschwander, Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas

OMAMO: orthology-based alternative model organism selection - With Adrian M Altenhoff, Christophe Dessimoz , Sina Majidian

Global dynamics of microbial communities emerge from local interaction rules - With Alma Dal Co

Meta-GWAS Reveals Novel Genetic Variants Associated with Urinary Excretion of Uromodulin - With Tanguy Corre, Sven Bergmann

The individual and global impact of copy-number variants on complex human traits With Chiara Auwerx , Marie C Sadler, Marion Patxot , Alexandre Reymond , Zoltán Kutalik

Analysis of Eukaryotic lincRNA Sequences Indicates Signatures of Hindered Translation Linked to Selection Pressure - With Anneke Brümmer , Ana Claudia Marques , Sven Bergmann


Postdoctoral Position in Biology - Location : Basel, Switzerland

Postdoctoral Position in Bioinformatics to study Gene Regulatory Networks - Location : Basel, Switzerland

Computational Biologist - Postdoctoral Scientist (Immuno-oncology) - Location : Leuven, Belgium

Scientist or knowledge manager with a background in natural sciences (f/m/d) - Location : Berlin, Germany


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