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April 2021


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Davide Bozzi
Doctoral Student, Group Malaspinas

Hi everyone!
My name is Davide Bozzi. I am a graduate student with a Master in Biology from the University of Milan – Bicocca in Italy. During my studies, I started to get into the field of genomics and evolutionary biology showing a keen interest in computational approaches for biological research.

Thanks to an Erasmus + Traineeship fellowship, I have ve spent the last year of my Master at the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics (University of Copenhagen – GLOBE institute) working on a research project that has become the subject of my master thesis. The focus
of the project was the study of the animal microbiome in the context of a disease. Specifically, we investigated the changes in the gut microbiome composition of farmed salmon in consequence of a bacterial infection of the skin and the subsequent treatment.
The study has revealed important changes in the gut microbiome structure after the disease outbreak, suggested ways to ameliorate the treatment of fish skin infections and proposed new strategies to monitor the health status of farmed salmon. The work has led to my first publication in a scientific journal: “Animal Microbiome”.

After graduation, I have spent some months collaborating with an Italian research team from the University of Milan – Bicocca. The aim of the project was the collection and harmonization of human skin microbiome datasets from 16S rRNA sequencing currently deposited on the international sequence databases (SRA, ENA, DRA) to promote data reusability and facilitate microbiome meta-analyses. The work has led to the creation of queryable data frames that can serve as a useful starting point for researchers interested in conduction
meta-analyses with human skin microbiome datasets. The results of this effort have not yet been published in a scientific journal but are currently available as a preprint.

Ever since my bachelor’s degree, I decided that I wanted to pursue a PhD. After graduation, I started to look for a project that could bring together my interest in genomics, my inclination on computational approaches and my previous experience in working with microbiome datasets.

This has led me here. In the lab of Professor Anna Sapfo Malaspinas, I have found the opportunity to work on a project that perfectly matches my interests. Moreover, I firmly believe that a PhD at the Department of Computational Biology of the University of Lausanne will provide me a precious opportunity to further develop my computational and quantitative skills.
I look forward to starting to work on this new exciting project.

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