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October 2021


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The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Alessia Del Panta Ridolfi
Doctoral Student, Group Dal Co

I studied Physics at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome and at ETH Zürich, but I've always been fascinated by Biology as well. I joined the Dal Co Lab because I am particularly interested in collective behaviour in biological communities. Combining experiments and mathematical modeling, I hope to give my contribution to the understanding of the main principles underlying microbial organization.
Dr. Julien Luneau
Postdoc, Group Dal Co

Julien Luneau is joining the DBC as a postdoc in the group of Alma Dal Co on October 1st 2021. After a Master’s Degree in Crop Science (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France), Julien moved to the Laboratory of Plant-Microbes Interactions (Toulouse, France) for his PhD where he investigated the fitness determinants of the Xanthomonas campestris bacterial pathogen during plant infection using genomics approaches such as RNAseq and TnSeq. In Alma Dal Co’s group, Julien will work on the dynamics of bacteria-bacteria interactions, combining single-cell experiments, microscopy and microfluidics to understand how they drive collective behavior within microbiomes.
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Francesco Mottes
Doctoral student then Postdoc, Group Dal Co

I am a physicist by training, with a strong interest in computer science and a fascination for how complex systems represent, process and use information. Without any doubt, biology offers some of the most fascinating case studies in this respect. During my PhD I studied the evolution of human gene regulatory networks and how randomness influences the internal representations of artificial neural networks. I am now joining the lab of Prof. Dal Co, where different aspects of my background will be coming together with the aim of modelling, understanding and engineering collective cell behaviour.
Karol Piera
Doctoral student, Group Dal Co

Originally trained as a biologist and a neuroscientist, I built up strong interest in the field of systems biology and quantitative approaches.
After obtaining my BSc in Biology in my home city of Cracow, I set out to study the most complex system in our body - the brain. I subsequently completed MSc in Cognitive neuroscience at Freie Universitat in Berlin.
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Dr. Carlos Pulido Quetglas
Postdoc, Group Fasshauer

Originally from Mallorca, Spain, I got my bachelor degree in Biology. After that I moved to the field of Bioinformatics where I did my Master's degree in the field of genomics and gene regulation, at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Roderic Guigo's group. I continued my studies at the University of Bern, Switzerland, where I successfully finished my PhD in biomedicine in Rory Johnson's. I recently joined Fasshauer's group where I will be working as a Postdoc at Unil.
My research during the PhD focused on the prioritization and gene candidate selection for CRISPR screens in cancer and cardiac regeneration diseases models. To tackle these problems I developed several bioinformatic pipelines to automatize the candidate selection process and for designing CRISPR libraries.


The Department is honored to be hosting distinguished visiting, Dr. Paul Thomas, from the University of Southern California, as a visitor until early 2022.

Dr. Thomas is an expert on comparative genomics with an emphasis on gene function and evolution. In addition to leading the PANTHER phylogenomics project, Dr. Thomas is a director of the Gene Ontology Consortium.

Learn more about Paul Thomas and his research

Location: Christophe Dessimoz's office - Room 2024.3
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Understanding Asgard Archaea with Iman Bentahar

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Big congratulations to Robin and Daehan...

for winning the best poster presentations during the Génopode retreat2021, in Les Diablerets

* First prize winner - Robin Hofmeister, Group Delaneau (DBC) on “Parent-of-origin inference in the UK biobank”

* Second prize winner - Daehan Lee, Group Benton
(CIG) on “Evolution of drosophilid central brains”
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Oh My Genes!

The meme generator designed to show the percentage of shared genes between humans and other species.

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20 fully funded PhD fellowships in Quantitative Biology

Join the force now! Learn how

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Gender Bias in Academia

Roundtable on raising awareness on the issue of gender bias - Read more

Horizon Europe: SNSF transitional measures starting October

On behalf of the federal government, the SNSF has introduced a transitional measure – the SNSF Advanced Grants – for those who intended to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant in 2021. The grants are aimed at leading researchers who wish to conduct innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland. Interested parties need to register by 1 November 2021 and submit their proposals by 1 December 2021. Read more
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Horizon Europe 2021-2022 Work Programmes are out!

The European Commission has published the Work Programmes of Horizon Europe for the 2021-2022 period, with a total budget of €14.7 billion. Researchers and innovators in Switzerland can participate in most collaborative projects and their funding is secure
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VIP2 Post Doc Fellows

VIP2 is a postdoctoral fellowship program at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) offering three – year fellowships that are open to candidates with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics.
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LS2 Annual meeting 2022

the LS2 Annual Meeting 2022 on the topic “Life Sciences in the 2020s: quantitation, integration and prediction", will be held on February 17 and 18, 2022.
The LS2 Annual Meeting brings together scientists from all nations and backgrounds to explore the large spectrum united under the umbrella of Life Sciences.

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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Comparison of sequence-capture and ddRAD approaches in resolving species and populations in hexacorallian anthozoans - With Benjamin Titus

Postpartum hemorrhage risk is driven by changes in blood composition through pregnancy - With Matthew R Robinson, Marion Patxot

Differentially expressed genes reflect disease-induced rather than disease-causing changes in the transcriptome - With Eleonora Porcu, Marie C Sadler, Kaido Lepik, Chiara Auwerx, Diogo M Ribeiro, Olivier Delaneau, Zoltan Kutalik

Inosine Substitutions in RNA Activate Latent G-Quadruplexes - With Anneke Brümmer, Sven Bergmann

Novel Approach Combining Transcriptional and Evolutionary Signatures to Identify New Multiciliation Genes - With Yannis Nevers

Large-scale cis- and trans-eQTL analyses identify thousands of genetic loci and polygenic scores that regulate blood gene expression - With Eleonora Porcu, Zoltan Kutalik, Sven Bergmann

Heritability and association with distinct genetic loci of erythropoietin levels in the general population - With Tanguy Corre


Postdoctoral Position in Cancer Genomics/ Computational Biology - Location : Basel, Switzerland

Postdoc position in host-parasite population genetics and genomics - Location : Basel, Switzerland
Data Scientist in Chemical Proteomics - Location : Vienna, Austria

Computational Postdoctoral Fellow - Location : Cambridge, United Kingdom

Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence for Structural Bioinformatics - Location : Marseille, France

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Integrated Microbiomics Bioinformatics) - Location : Norwich, United Kingdom

Bioinformaticians (m/f/d) in Bioinformatics Core Unit - Location : Vienna, Austria


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