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November 2023


DBC News is a monthly publication that seeks to inform first and foremost faculty members, researchers and students. It also reaches out to a wider community - Department of Computational Biology partners, visiting faculty and friends.

Alongside the Department's website it is a complementary means of keeping abreast of the Department's rich and diversified scientific activities - visiting faculty, exceptional conferences, publications, awards, appointments, calls for papers and research, ...


The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Sacha Bors
PhD, Group Bergmann
Nikita Miroschnichenko
Student assistant,
Group Ciriello

Gian-Marco Franceschini
Postdoc, Group Ciriello

Gian Marco Franceschini is a post-doctoral computational biologist researching epigenetic regulation in cancer at different scales.During his PhD, he specialized in AR-negative metastatic prostate cancer subtypes and related liquid biopsy applications (University of Trento, Italy). His work emphasized understanding the epigenome's relation to cancer treatment resistance and lineage plasticity and developing methods to decipher vast datasets and unearth novel epigenetic biomarkers based on DNA methylation. Gian Marco will join the Ciriello group and work at the intersection of chromatin architecture and plasticity in cancer through quantitative approaches.
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November 2nd - DBC Seminar with Dr. Prof. Oscar Puebla

Leader of the Working Group Fish Ecology and Evolution, Professor for Fish Ecology (University of Oldenburg, Germany)

"The complete phylogeny of the hamlets supports a modular, genic view of rapid radiation"

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November 9th - DBC Seminar with Prof. Joachim Weischenfeldt

Associate Professor, Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) / Finsenlaboratoriet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

"Mutational processes shaping structural variants in cancer genomes"

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Alma Dal Co memorial symposium - November 15

This symposium will commemorate our late colleague and friend Alma Dal Co, who was a professor at the Department of Computational Biology (DBC) of UNIL. The morning session will reflect on the time before Alma joined the DBC, and in the afternoon session.
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November 23rd - DBC Seminar with Prof. Guillaume Paré

Director of the Clinical Research Laboratory and Biobank (CRLB) – Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory (GMEL)

"Why I am crazy about linear models: adventures into the contribution of genetics to complex traits"

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LS2 Annual Meeting 2024

"Exploring the Wonders of Life"

The next LS2 Annual Meeting, in collaboration with the DBC, will be held on February 14-15, together with the Young Scientists' Satellite (YSS) on February 13, 2024, at the University of Lausanne.

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FBM celebrates its 20th anniversary !

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MAPACHE : A flexible pipeline to map ancient DNA

Can we learn more about extinct species from the DNA found in their remains?

Find out by listening to the presentation by Samuel Neuenschwander, from Prof. Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas' group.

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Studying clownfish on the field

In this video, Alberto Garcia Jimenez and Lucy Fitzgerald tell us the perks of doing field work in evolutionary biology. More spefically, within the group of Prof Salamin, they study the relationship between clownfish spieces and their anemones.
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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Hyper-Cryptic Radiation of a Tropical Montane Plant Lineage - With Oriane Loiseau, Nicolas Salamin

Resistance mechanism to Notch inhibition and combination therapy in human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia - With Yuanlong Liu

Genomic variant benchmark: if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it - With Sina Majidian

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Open Tenure Track Faculty Positions - Location : Pittsburgh, USA

PhD Student (f/m/d) – Computational Cancer Genomics / Bioinformatics - Location : Vienna, Austria

Bioinformatics and wet -lab researcher - Biomoleculaire Geneeskunde (26412) - Location : Ghent, Belgium

Postdoc in genome regulation - Location : Stockholm, Sweden

Post-doctoral position in spatial epidemiology (M/F) - Location : La Tremblade, France


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