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Summer 2024


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The whole DBC extends the warmest of welcomes to new members.
Isabel Montejano Montelongo
PhD, Group Ciriello
Athina Gavriilidou
Postdoc, Group Dessimoz
Virginia Gudiño
Visiting Researcher, Group Dessimoz


Many thanks to you for the good collaboration throughout these years and we all wish every success in your future endeavours.
Chiara Auwerx
PhD, Group Kutalik
Arvind Iyer
PhD, Group Ciriello


Congratulations to Prof. Giovanni Ciriello for receiving the Jürg Tschopp Life Science Award!

Jürg Tschopp Basic Life Sciences Award
Giovanni Ciriello for his discoveries on the combinations of genetic and epigenetic mutations that appear and are selected during the evolution of cancer, that shed light on the mechanisms linked to the appearance and maintenance of cancer cells.


3rd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology - July 26-30

The 3rd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology is the joint meeting of the American Society of Naturalists, the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, the Society of Systematic Biologists and the Society for the Study of Evolution. The meeting is one of the premiere international opportunities for sharing research on evolutionary biology. Learn more

ISMB Conference - July 12-16

The International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) is an annual event organized by the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). This flagship meeting of the ISCB is renowned as the world's largest conference focused on bioinformatics and computational biology. ISMB 2024 showcases the latest international developments in the field and driving forward the future of this dynamic area of research and the involvement of the ISCB's Communities of Special Interest (COSIs) enhances the exceptional scientific program.
Learn more

Ancient DNA Beyond Allele Frequencies - July 29-31th

The SMBE Satellite Meeting on Ancient DNA Beyond Allele Frequencies will capitalise on this burgeoning field, bringing together researchers utilising these methods across human and non-human species. Learn more

Personalized Health Technologies 2024
- August 26-28th

This event will be held on August 26 - 28, 2024 at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Its main focus is on personalized health tools and technologies enabling translational research and biomedical development.
Lear more

Reconstructing the human past: using ancient and modern genomics - September 17-20th

Combining genome-wide data from ancient and modern populations opens new windows into the past and, importantly, their integration with archaeological evidence and historical records elucidates aspects of human history and cultural evolution of past societies. Learn more


The astonishing clownfish

Clownfish evolution is so extraordinary that it can only be described with the voice of David Attenborough. The group Salamin is studying their genomes and running computer simulations to try to understand their evolution.
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What follows is a small sampling of recently published research across the department — for a more complete list of publications, visit PubMed. If there is a paper you would like to see highlighted in the next issue of the newsletter, please email us.
Toward a semi-supervised learning approach to phylogenetic estimation - With Daniele Silvestro, Thibault Latrille, Nicolas Salamin

Gene flow throughout the evolutionary history of a colour polymorphic and generalist clownfish - With Sarah Schmid, Marianne Bachmann Salvy, Alberto Garcia Jimenez, Sara Heim, Anna Marcionetti, Nicolas Salamin

Matreex: Compact and Interactive Visualization for Scalable Studies of Large Gene Families - With Victor Rossier, Clement Train, Yannis Nevers, Christophe Dessimoz

Recurrent gene flow events occurred during the diversification of clownfishes of the skunk complex - With Anna Marcionetti, Sara Heim, Nicolas Salamin

E2F transcription factor-1 modulates expression of glutamine metabolic genes in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and uterine sarcoma cells - With Daniele Tavernari, Giovanni Ciriello

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Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Biology - Location : Cologne, Germany

PhD Student statistics/ machine learning - Location : Ghent, Belgium

PhD Student in Computational Biology - Location : Cologne, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Biology - Location : Cologne, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher in computational biology - Location : Stockholm, Sweden

Postdoctoral Researcher (m/f/div) in Metagenomics - Location : Jena, Germany


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