Roberta Antonini

Currently Senior lecturer at the Institute of Sport Sciences at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), I received ma PhD in sport sciences (sport psychology) in 2002 at the University of Nice (France). I worked for almost 10 years at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen (Switzerland). Afterward, I joined the University of Geneva as a lecturer from 2010 and 2013. My main research interest are oriented towards exploring the dynamics of organizing different types of athletic and artistic performances. Especially I have developed many works in the field of (a) Comprehension of the interpersonal relationship in sport and music as well as the impact of these relationships on wellbeing and performance. (b) Analysis of athletes and musicians in dealing with psychological demands during performance. (c) Psychological intervention in order to improve the performance levels of athletes and artists. Dr. Antonini Philippe has authored and co-authored various articles and has presented communications in different prestigious conferences and colloquiums. Moreover, since 2007 I have consulted in mental training with Olympic athletes and artists in form of recommendation for training and performance.