Grégoire Millet

Grégoire Millet is Professor of Exercise Physiology at ISSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences) in Lausanne, the “Olympic Capital”.

H-index = 54. Number of citations = 900.

He has published more than 350 articles including 240 scientific articles in peer-reviewed indexed journals, over 40 book chapters and 4 books on endurance or altitude training.

He is the Chief Editor of “Frontiers in Exercise Physiology” and is regularly invited to conferences World-wide.

His main research topics are: (1) Physiological responses to exercise in hypoxia; (2) Optimization of interval-training; (3) Mechanical / Physiological coupling in sport locomotion; (4) Analysis of fatigue (Neuromuscular and Heart Rate Variability); (5) Ultra-endurance.

He is currently collaborating with the Swiss air force (cerebral regulation to hypoxic conditions in Military pilot trainees), several professional sporting teams in cycling, rugby, tennis, football (ergogenic effects of high-intensity training in hypoxia) and with several Swiss hospital (therapeutic use of hypoxia in obese, hypertensive or arteriopathy patients)

In the first part of his life, he was a professional triathlete (French Champion) and had been coaching elite triathletes in the French, UK and Hong Kong teams. Grégoire has attended several Olympic Games. He participated in ultra-endurance events in different sports (Vasaloppet; Embrun or Hawaii Ironman). At the age of 50, he finished 2nd in the “Tor des Geants” in Italy.