Øyvind Sandbakk

Øyvind Sandbakk Professor at the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Managing Director at the Centre for Elite Sports Research and Head of Research and Development at Olympiatoppen. He is member of the executive board of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and leader of the board for the Norwegian Cross-Country Skiing Coach Association.

Professor Sandbakk has currently published 93 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals as well as 85 scientific conference proceedings, 3 books and multiple book chapters in the field of sport science and medicine. He has worked with some of the best winter-sport athletes in the world both as a coach and scientist over the last 10 years, and supervise(d) 10 Ph.d. students and more than 30 M.Sc. students. Professor Sandbakk has been member of two expert groups for the Norwegian Government and are regularly consulting politicians, stakeholders and coaches in the Norwegian sport community.