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e-Newsletter — August 2022

Well now that the dust has settled on the Extraordinary International Geographical Congress that took place in Paris in late July, it is time to reflect on the success of that event. The Congress was indeed a fitting tribute to the fact that the IGU is now 100 years old. More than 2000 delegates from all five continents across the globe were treated to a lavish and delightful celebration of the organization and, indeed, of the discipline as a whole.
This Congress taught us that our discipline is alive and vibrant and more importantly progressive, innovative, and indeed, inventive. We need to harness these strengths and put our considerable talents towards the goal of a more sustainable future for all people and for the planet.
In my speech at the closing ceremony, I highlighted the sterling efforts of the more than 100 young volunteers that gave up their time to underpin the success of the event. As representatives of the next generation of geographers, it is my profound hope that they – together with their young colleagues across the globe - will do a much better job of managing the increasingly fragile relationship between humanity and nature than my own generation did.
Only those of you who have had the privilege of hosting a major international Congress can really understand the sheer volume of work that goes into such an event. I, therefore, want to pay tribute again to the leaders of the local organizing committee: Nathalie Lemarchand, our new First Vice-President, and Antoine Leblanc who - adeptly directed a fabulous team. The IGU is grateful not only for the incredible hard work but also for the most amicable and positive atmosphere that pervaded the entire Congress.
The glorious heritage of the International Geographical Union that we celebrated in Paris provides ample evidence of the support it has given the discipline of Geography, and I anticipate with confidence that it will continue to do so for the next 100 years and more.

Michael Meadows

President IGU

Cape Town, August, 2022

IGU Centennial Extraordinary Congress

Paris 2022


The International Geographic Union Centennial Extraordinary Congress in Paris 2022 was a great success!!! More than 2,300 scientists, including nearly 2,100 face-to-face participants from 79 countries, exchanged views in more than 263 sessions organized over 5 ½ days in 30 rooms and 600 time-slots.

Three round tables ("Anthropocene", "A planet of migrants" and "Open science") and three plenary conferences ("Space and disability"; "Meta geographies. Major divisions to tell the World" and "Himalayan Mountains in Transition") were organized, bringing together geographers from all parts of the world. Three IGU commissions awarded for their great scientific activity gave conferences (Geography of Tourism; Urban Geography [downloadable here]; Geography of Governance).

The participants were able to discover three exhibitions:
- Faces of exploration in the 19th century;
- Jean Gottmann, an iconography of movement;
- Touching to discover the world. Geography adapted to the visually impaired).
Numerous festive and scientific events punctuated this week of meetings: a Top Carto competition; a documentary festival. Other festive events such as a Nuit Blanche, inspired by the Nuit de la Géographie, took place.

This centenary congress was overall the opportunity to underline how far the IGU is the international scientific organization of geographers from all over the world, in all their diversity. The participation of numerous geographer colleagues from all regions of the world is a testimony to this, as are the meetings of the regional geography associations and the international thematic working groups held during the congress.

IGU Thematic Conference on

Islands in Relations:
Conflicts, Sustainability, and Peace

April 4-6, 2023 - Osaka, Japan

Organized by
  • The local Organizing Committee for the IGU Thematic Conference Osaka 2023
  • The Japan National Committee for the IGU
In collaboration with IGU Commissions on:
  • Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change
  • Geography of Islands
  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Political Geography
  • Toponymy
By situating islands in various relations, this conference focuses on them from three inter-related viewpoints: conflicts, sustainability, and peace and addresses the following three component questions:
  1. Why and how were/are islands involved in what kind of conflicts or uneven power relations?
  2. How can islands’ sustainable development contribute to their political-economic autonomy?
  3. How can we practice geography for island peace?
This conference is open to any case studies across the world if they fit the main conference theme. It is also open to any IGU Commissions, geographers, other scientists, university students, and the public who wish to share the theme topics with us.

Important dates:
September 1 2022: Call for abstracts is open
Call for early career scholars’ travel grant program is open
October 15 2022: Deadline for abstract submission
October 31 2022: Announcement of the acceptance of abstracts
November 1 2022: Early-bird registration opens

Conference website

Other next IGU thematic conferences

IGU Thematic Conference on

"The Ocean and Seas in Geographical Thought"
June 5-8 2023, University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

Organizing Commissions:
  • Commission on the History of Geography
  • Commission on Gender and Geography
  • Commission on Mediterranean Basin
  • Commission on Political Geography
  • Commission on Tourism, Leisure and Global Change
  • Commission on the Geography of Governance
Website in construction

IGU Thematic Conference on

"Urban transformations: Towards resilient cities"
August 20-23 2023, UNAM Mexico City (Mexico)

Organizing Commissions:
  • Urban Commission: Re-Thinking cities and the urban: from the global to the local
  • Commission on Geography of Governance
  • Commission on Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change
  • Commission on GeoHeritage
  • Commission on Latin American Studies
  • Commission on Population Geography
Local organizers: Prof. Manuel Suarez, Prof. Javier Delgado
With a view from both developed and developing contexts, the meeting of six IGU Commissions in Mexico will offer an excellent opportunity to talk about two main streams of knowledge – resilience, and governance – in contemporary cities and other human settlements. The idea is to bring together distinct geographical specialties such as local and urban governance, history, demography, urban studies, and ecology, to encourage common efforts toward new research on cities.
Website in construction


IGU Commission on Local and Regional Development Annual Meeting
October 13-15 2022, Cuenca (Spain)
Chair: Dr. Carmen Vázquez-Varela
Sociodemographic change and its impact on territorial development policies
Deadline submissions of abstracts (300-500 words): September 10 2022
To send to

Joint international colloquium of the Spanish Geographers Association (AGE) Group 10 on the Geography of Tourism and the IGU Tourism Commission
October 20-22 2022, Cuenca (Spain)
Between the recovery and transformation of tourism in a post-COVID world: perspectives from Geography
For more information, Call for papers
Chair. Professor Josep Ivars

IGU Modeling Geographical Systems Commission
will co-organize a Workshop on AutoCarto 2022: Living Structure as a Scientific Foundation of Maps and Mapping
November 2-4 2022, Esri Campus, Redlands, CA

2nd International Conference on "Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems, and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change (GORILLA)"
December 7-10 2022, Kampala (Uganda)
Under the auspices of
  • IGU Commission on African Studies
  • IGU Commissions on Biogeography And Biodiversity
  • IGU Commission on Geography of Future Earth
  • Uganda Geographical Association (UGA)
Deadline for abstract submission: 31 October 2022
Conference website


5th Asian Conference on Geography
under the auspices of the Asian Geographical Association (AGA)
September 5-9 2022, Thai Nguyen (Viet Nam)
Conference website

International Mountain Conference 2022 (#IMC2022)
September 11-15 2022, Innsbruck (Austria)
Conference website

ESRI - LIVE+SIG 2022 Colloquium - Francophone community
With the support of the IGU
10-14 october (online)

XIX Spanish Congress on Geographic Information Technologies
September 12-14 2022, Zaragoza (Spain)
Conference website

10th Conference of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)
September 12-16 2022, Coimbra (Portugal)
Geomorphology and Global Change
Conference website

2nd International Scientific Conference Landscape Dimensions of Sustainable Development: Science – Mapping – Planning – Governance
September 12-16 2022, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Conference website

Society of South African Geographers Biennial Conference
September 15-16 2022, Pretoria (South Africa)
Conference website

18th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH)
Organized by the International Society of Urban Health (ISUH)
October 24-27, Valencia (Spain)
Registration open: 1 August 2022
Conference website

New Zealand Geographical Society Conference
Hosted by the Canterbury Branch
November 23-25 2022, Canterbury (New Zealand)
Registrations open: 8 August 2022
Conference website

International Year of

Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development

  • September 13-15 2022 – Science and ethics for sustainable development – Quy Nhon, Viet Nam
  • September 20-22 2022 – World conference on basic sciences and sustainable development – Belgrade, Serbia
Watch the opening ceremony and see the complete program until October


The Routledge Handbook of Urban Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Cities, Urban Processes, and Policies
Edited by Jesús M. González-Pérez, Clara Irazábal, Rubén C. Lois-González
Published in 2022 by Routledge

Local Government and the COVID-19 Pandemic. A Global Perspective
Edited by Carlos Nunes Silva
Published in 2022 by Springer

The Routledge Handbook of Small Towns
Edited by Jerzy Bański
Published in 2021 by Routledge


IGU Book Series - Springer Publisher

Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences
Editors: Yukio Himiyama et Subhash Anand

Call for book proposals
Yukio Himiyama, former IGU President & Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
Subhash Anand, University of Delhi, India

See all the published books

IGU Book Series - Edward Elgar Publisher

The International Geographical Union Series on Contemporary Geographies
Editors: Iain Hay et Michael Meadows

Call for book proposals
Professor Iain Hay, Flinders University, Australia
Professor Michael Meadows, University of Cape Town, South Africa

See all the published books


Former IGU President Professor Akin Mabogunje

Former IGU President Professor Akinlawon (Akin) Mabogunje died on Thursday, 4 August 2022 at the age of 90 years. He was the first African Professor of Geography and Head of the Department of Geography (1972-1975) at Nigeria’s premier university, the University of Ibadan.
Akin Mabogunje served the International Geographical Union (IGU) for two terms as Vice-President (1972-1980) and was elected President of the IGU for the period 1980-1984, the first African scholar to be so honoured since its inception in 100 years.

IGU Executive Committee

New executive committee 2022-2024

Last spring, the IGU representatives of the full member countries proceeded to the renewal of the Executive committee of the IGU. The resulting committee for 2022-2024 is the following:

  • Michael Meadows (South Africa)
  • Barbaros Gönencgil (Turkey)
  • Yukio Himiyama (Japan)
First vice-president
  • Nathalie Lemarchand (France)
Vice President and Treasurer
  • Holly Barcus (USA)
  • Yazidhi Bamutaze (Uganda)
  • Bojie Fu (China)
  • Ruben Lois-Gonzalez (Spain)
  • Phil McManus (Australia)
  • Maria Paradiso (Italy)
  • Céline Rozenblat (Switzerland)
Assistant Secretary-General
  • Pankaj Kumar (India)
See more on the IGU executive committee members
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