Première initiative de recherche BAICC – Industrialisation de la compliance

Voici en bref (et en anglais) un bref portrait de cette initiative de recherche que nous lancerons début 2018:

  • Motivation: persistent regulatory pressure has induced continuous growth of the Compliance function, an accumulation of legacy elements in systems, processes, etc. and an overall negative impact on margins.
  • Research initiative goals:
    1) improve effectiveness of all compliance-related activities AND contain risks;
    2) free up compliance officers to perform more value-adding work.
  • Approach: avoid costly consultants ð practitioners & academics team up in a structured, consortial research approach*.
  • Main deliverables:
    1) Methodology: Compliance TOM, Industrialization approach, implementation…
    2) Practical tools: maturity model, business case calculator, risk framework, etc.
  • Key data:
    – Duration: January – December 2018, 4 workshops @ 2 days
    – Participants: 3-7 large Swiss private & retail banks, BPO service & bank
    software providers

*) Developed by University of St. Gallen (HSG)

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