Pre-conference excursion C

Oceanic lithosphere in the Western Alps (O. Müntener, T. Decrausaz) – 1 day (max 15 participants)


The ophiolite from the Aiguilles Rouges (in the foreground) and the Dent Blanche and Matterhorn (in the background) (photo: Christophe Real).

The Tsaté nappe in the Aiguilles Rouges massif near Arolla displays a wide range of weakly metamorphic remnants of the Jurassic Piemonte Liguria ocean, including sediments, pillow basalts, gabbros and ultramafic rocks. This 1 day excursion will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the origin of these rocks, their overprint during Alpine metamorphism and their paleotectonic importance.


    • Maximum 15 participants – first come first served!
    • Costs: 75 CHF
    • Included: transportation, geological guide
    • There is 1 place remaining for this field excursion