City of Sion. Source:

The 14th Emile Argand Conference on Alpine Geological Studies takes place at the Fondation Universitaire Kurt Bösch (Chemin de l’Institut 18, 1967 Bramois/Sion, Suisse) in Sion. The conference center can be easily reached by the public transport. A network plan of the public transport is available below.





How to reach Sion?

Nearest airports:

• Genève (2 hours by train)

Public transport network of Sion.

• Zurich (3 hours by train)

Sion is easily accessible by train (along the line Milano-Genève) and by car from Italy (Gran San Bernardo tunnel or Simplon Pass).

All participants are responsible for making their travel and accomodation arrangements to and from the 14th Alpine Workshop.