Post-conference excursion A

Metamorphism and fluid-rock interaction in the Zermatt-Saas (L. Baumgartner, K. Bucher) – 2 days (max. 15 participants)


A view from the Matterhorn as seen during the Zermatt excursion (photo: Lukas Baumgartner).


The Zermatt Zone displays a wide range of lithologies belonging to the Piemonte-Liguria Ocean, of Jurassic age, that record eclogite-facies metamorphism during the Alpine orogeny. The excursion will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss subduction-zone processes at different scales (P-T paths, timing of metamorphism, fluid flow).


    • Maximum 15 participants – first come first served!
    • Costs: 300 CHF 
    • Included: transportation, accommodation for 1 night with dinner and breakfast, geological guide
    • There are 0 places remaining for this field excursion. Please, subscribe to the waiting list by sending an email to Paola Manzotti