Post-conference excursion B

Tectonic history of the ocean (Combin) – continent (Dent Blanche) contact (P. Manzotti, M. Ballèvre) – 2 days (max 15 participants)


A view from the Grand Combin from the South (photo: Paola Manzotti).


This excursion is devoted to a presentation of the Combin and Dent Blanche units (world famous since Argand), made of oceanic and continental material, respectively. It will provide an opportunity to present new data on their P-T path (including new evidence for HP) and age. The geometry and kinematic analysis of the area will provide better constraints for “extensional” ductile shear zone development during exhumation.


    • Maximum 15 participants – first come first served!
    • Costs: 250 CHF
    • Included: transportation, accommodation for 2 nights with dinner and breakfast
    • Participants are going to leave in the afternoon of September, 6th, immediately at the end of the meeting
    • There are 0 places remaining for this field excursion. Please, subscribe to the waiting list by sending an email to Paola Manzotti