Pre-conference excursion B

Synsedimentary faults in the Alps and their behaviour during Alpine orogeny: examples from the Helvetic and Middle Penninics (A. Pantet, J-L. Epard, L. Cardello) – 2 days (max. 15 participants)


Folds and faults in the frontal part of the Helvetic Wildhorn nappe, Sanetsch area (photo: Jean-Luc Epard).

The field trip will focus on the behavior of synsedimentary faults during the Alpine orogeny. A classical locality in the frontal part of the Helvetic Wildhorn nappe (Sanetsch area) will be visited during the first day. The superposition of the Helvetic nappes and their internal structures will be discussed in relation with folds versus faults developments. The second day will be mainly devoted to the Middle Penninics (Mont-Fort nappe, Val d’Hérens) where folded synsedimentary faults associated to breccia deposits can be highlighted.


    • Maximum 15 participants – first come first served!
    • Costs: 75 CHF
    • Included: transportation, geological guide
    • NOT included: costs of accommodation, meals
    • Field area is very close to Sion: participants are going to travel back to Sion daily. Therefore, accommodation booking is task of the excursion participants
    • There are 3 places remaining for this field excursion