Pre-conference excursion A

Early synorogenic sediments in the Alpine belt (J. Ragusa, P. Kindler) – 2 days (max 15 participants)


Tectonic contact the of Voirons Flysch (below) with the Triassic sole of the Préalpes Médiane nappe (Fenalet quarry, St Gingolph, Valais).

This excursion will focus on the evolution of the orogenic deep sea detrital sedimentation along the active margin from the onset of the subduction to the collision. The Voirons Flysch (Voirons – Wägital complex, formerly Gurnigel nappe, Valais domain) and the Gets nappe (Piemont domain) will be visited on the first day. The second day will be devoted to the Taveyannaz sandstone Fm. and associated pelagic deposits of the north alpine foreland basin.
These three units describe the transition from the subduction of the Piemont oceanic crust, the early stage of the continental collision (Valais domain) and the underfilled stage of the foreland basin with large Oligocene volcanic inputs, before the deposition of molasse. Within each unit, we will discuss about the composition and source of the detrital sediments and some tectono-sedimentary features (proximal to distal evolution in a deep sea density flow, olistoliths, nappe contact…).


    • Maximum 15 participants – first come first served!
    • Costs: 135 CHF
    • Included: transportation, accommodation for 1 night with breakfast, geological guide
    • NOT included: costs of dinner
    • There are 14 places remaining for this field excursion