Conference program

    1. Lithospheric structures, plate motions, neotectonics
    2. Modelling of Alpine processes
    3. Pre-Alpine lithospheric structures
    4. Timing and rates of mountain building
    5. Eroding a mountain: from sedimentary archives to past glaciers

    • Mark Caddick, Virginia Tech, USA
    • Philippe Yamato, University of Rennes, France
    • Julie Tugend, UPMC, France
    • György Hetényi, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland


The official time table for the conference is available here

presentation layout

Please, prepare your contribution according to the following layout

    • Keynote lecture: 25 mins presenting time + 5 mins discussion
    • Oral presentation: 12 mins presenting time + 3 mins discussion
    • Poster presentation: poster format – A0, portrait