New book: Career Guidance for Emancipation

We are pleased to present a new book: Hooley, T., Sultana, R., & Thomsen, R. (Eds.). (2018). Career Guidance for Emancipation: Reclaiming Justice for the Multitude (Vol. 18). Routledge.

The new book Career Guidance for Emancipation: Reclaiming Justice for the Multitude is now out. Edited by Tristram Hooley, Ronald Sultana and Rie Thomsen, it builds on their previous book Career Guidance for Social Justice and particularly seeks to explore what the neoliberal drive means for the careers of a wide range of different groups within society. It then moves into looking at practice and possibility and explores ways in which emancipatory career guidance can be put into practice.

The full list of contents is as follows:

Representing Problems, Imagining Solutions: Emancipatory Career Guidance for the Multitude by Tristram Hooley, Ronald G. Sultana, and Rie Thomsen

Part I: Addressing Diverse Experiences of Neoliberalism
Women and Social Justice: Does Career Guidance Have a Role? by Jenny Bimrose, Mary McMahon, and Mark Watson
Interventions for Career Construction and Work Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilityby Maria Cristina Ginevra, Sara Santilli, Laura Nota, and Salvatore Soresi
‘I am what I am’: queering career development and practice by Adrian Hancock and Alan Taylor
Promoting change: The “Expanded Notion of Work” as a Proactive Response to the Social Justice Issues in Career Development Practice by Victor Wong and Toby C. Y. Yip
Career Education and Guidance and Race (In)Equality in England by Charlotte Chadderton
Career Guidance and Neoliberal Rationality in Italian Schools by Marco Romito
Career Guidance and Social Justice in the Encounter between Caste and Neoliberalism in India by Anita Ratnam

Part II: New practices, new possibilities
GPS To a Better Future: Career Guidance for Social Justice in Catalonia’s Adult Learning Centres by Carme Martínez-Roca and Marius Martínez Muñoz
Social Advantage, Access to Employers and the Role of Schools in Modern British Education by Christian Percy and Elnaz Kashefpakdel
Do Employment Services Need to be Neoliberal? by Alex Nunn
Social Justice and Continuing Professional Development: A Workshop For Career Development Practitioners by Kristin Midttun and Phil McCash
Schooled in the Work Ethic by Mark Rawlinson and Steve Rooney
Norm Criticism: A Method for Social Justice in Career Guidance by Frida Wikstrand
Reflexivity and social justice: Career guidance and counselling in a Serbian contextby Tijana Maksimović and Helle Merete Nordentoft

Part III: Conclusions and Next Steps
Towards an Emancipatory Career Guidance: What Is To Be Done? by Tristram Hooley, Ronald G. Sultana, and Rie Thomsen


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Call for manuscripts: Guest issue of AJCD

Call for manuscripts for a guest issue titled « Career Development in Developing Country Contexts: A Conduit to Facilitate Sustainable Decent Work for All » in the African Journal of Career Development (AJCD), edited by Prof. Kobus Maree. They are looking for proposals for innovative micro-, meso- and macro-interventions that use career development as a vehicle for promoting decent work for all who are willing and able to work.
The deadline for submissions for the Special issue of the newly-established African Journal of Career Development (AJCD) is 30 June 2019.

“Work and Career: Which meaning(s) for lives?” Conference

“Work and Career: Which meaning(s) for lives?” 21 – 23 november 2019

The 21st century is characterized by the uncertainty that results from the multiple transitions that the societies have been through and the current crisis. The issue of “meaning” or “meanings” applied to work as well as the whole life takes a special relevance. Recent research in applied psychology or career counselling psychology have investigated this issue by identifying the outlines, developing conceptual models and assessing consequences on health and wellbeing. These concerns are pluridisciplinary at the crossroads of sociology, philosophy, educational sciences, management, and life sciences. The emergence of the sciences of complexity and the evolution of research methods that aims to overtake linear models in order to better understanding the relationships between meaning of work and meaning of life contribute to the issue of meaning. Such relationships should be considered as subjective, dynamics, and related the contexts they occur. The conference aims to better understanding what are meaning of life and meaning of work, their relationships, and their links with career choices and career/life transitions.


Organizing institutions: National Conservatory of Applied Technologies (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) and Paris Descartes University (Université Paris Descartes).


Work and Career- Which meaning(s) for lives 2019 (PDF)

Call for papers: special issue entitled Migration, Educational and Career Guidance, and Social Inclusion

Call for papers for a special issue entitled “Migration, Educational and Career Guidance, and Social Inclusion” in the International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance.
This issue will be jointly guest edited by Professor Manon Chamberland, Laval University, Canada, Professor Andreas Fejes, Linköping University, Sweden and Professor Ronald G. Sultana, University of Malta, Malta.

IJVO SI Migration Guidance and Inclusion (PDF)

New Book: Interventions in Career Design and Education: Transformation for Sustainable Development and Decent Work

We are pleased to present a new book: Cohen‑Scali, V., Pouyaud, J., Podgorny, M., Drabik‑Podgorna, V., Aisenson, G., Bernaud, J. L., Abdou Moumoula, I., & Guichard, J. (Eds). (2018). Interventions in Career Design and Education: Transformation for Sustainable Development and Decent Work. Switzerland: Springer.

The objective of this book was to gather research and interventions in life designing, career counseling and education from international scholars, that contribute to sustainable development and decent work. The contributors were asked to answer the following question: How can career and life design interventions contribute to a fair and sustainable development and to the implementation of decent work all over the world ?
On the basis of this question, the purpose of the book was to provide a large overview of current research in the field of Interventions for Life and Career Design (ILCD) in Northern and Southern countries, pinpointing the importance of both world broad view and local contexts to build accurate ILCD. Another objective was that this book allows identifying perspectives that could be developed in this field in order to contribute more to increase responsibility of individuals, groups and communities to design their life and their individual and collective future. The last aim was to develop and to strengthen an international community of research in the field of ILCD connected with the UNESCO strategies.This book gathers 17 contributions of international scholars of the field of career counseling and guidance, offering innovative perspectives related to theoretical frameworks and career counseling practices.

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Flyer Interventions in Career Design and Education (PDF)