UNIL was pleased to host the 8th UNICA Student Conference

Make !t happen

from October 8th to 11th, 2014

Our objective for the 8th UNICA Student Conference was to do less talking and more action! After all, the primary mission of UNICA is to reunite the finest student minds of Europe in order to promote change, innovation and diversity. During previous conferences many important topics were discussed and deliberated, surfacing concrete ideas and proposals. We are proud to say that this has led to the realization of the UGAF project. This achievement should not become an exception! Our ultimate goal for this conference was to create an action plan founded on the creative ideas of our previous delegates – and this year – Make !t happen!

To promote the continuity of our 2014 student action plan, we hope to find a way to connect student ambassadors of this year’s conference to other UNICA activities in order to stimulate change. This will be a stepping-stone for future UNICA student conference organizers and will provide them with the support they need to continue with the proposed action plan.