Cultural event

lebourgFriday 21 February 2014
Café Théâtre Le Bourg, 51 rue de Bourg – Lausanne
Doors: 20h30

Klara Schilliger, Valerian Maly & Lara Stanic (CH)
Electro-acoustic performances & playful avant-garde |

We Spoke (UK/CH)
Metamorphosing percussions – intimate, spellbinding, forceful!

Aftershow : DJ Feibien (CH)
Tribal soul & hypnotic melodies – your feet won’t obey you anymore

Percussions, feedback, sine waves: the event pulse – wave – beat carefully listens to the small tunes and big sounds that so often carry electronic or amplified music on their shoulders without us even noticing them. The two performances of the evening invite our ears to pay high attention to those cracks, snaps, beeps and variations at the limits of perception, and to open up our hearing to an astonishing richness in sound.

Klara Schilliger, Valerian Maly & Lara Stanic
1. Klara Schilliger: SiO2, 2012 / for sine-wave generator and crystal glasses
2. Valerian Maly: BeachPitchBitch music – electric guitar VII, 1993 / for electric guitar
3. Lara Stanic: Spielfeld Feedback – Version für drei Spieler, 2014 / for 3 performers in loudspeaker jackets in a field of open microphones

We Spoke: Looping
1. Steve Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood, 1972 / for 4 percussionists
2. Fritz Hauser: Le Souvenir, 1996 / for 4 percussionists
3. Fritz Hauser: Der Spiegel, 2004 / for 2 percussionists
4. Fritz Hauser: Double Exposition, 1996 / for 4 percussionists
5. Steve Reich: Bongos de Drumming, 1971 / 4 percussionists

To conclude the evening, the mesmerizing tunes of DJ Feibien will warm your hearts, galvanize your bones and bewitch your feet to prevent you from going home too early. We are not kidding, this guy could hypnotize a raging bull if he wanted to.