Aaro Tupasela

Väitöskuva Tupasela Aaro 14.10.2008 väitös 20.11.2008University of Helsinki

Preserving National Treasures: Productivity and Waste in Biobanking
Friday 21 February 2014, 09:30-10:30am, Amphimax 414

Within European innovation policy rhetoric, the terms efficiency, productivity and innovation rank high on the list of catchwords of the day. Within biobanking, donation and altruism have gained a similar status as catchwords within which collection activities have been traditionally framed. yet within the more commercially and industry dominated environment the relationship between collecting and producing has become, at times tenuous and strained. Calculations and expectations of commercial productivity based on publicly collected and funded collections and research have not always been good bed-fellows. In my talk I will trace some different discursive contours around which biobanking activities have been framed in an attempt to shift discussions surrounding the collection and use of tissue sample collections in a more constructive and productive setting.