We are very happy to announce that the podcasts of the conference (keynote speakers’ lectures & roundtables) are now available !

Podcasts of the conference (keynote speakers’ lectures & roundtables )

Held from the 20th to the 22nd February at the University of Lausanne, the meeting analyzed the effects of big data in human and life sciences as well as in the development of new technologies from a historical, ethnographical and critical perspective. Experts with various backgrounds addressed the impact, application, promises and controversies related to them.

We invited participants to discuss the concrete stages of the fabrication and usage of big data, and the problems each of these steps might raise: collecting, discriminating, sharing, sorting, touching, seeing, visualizing, choosing algorithms, conserving, standardizing, applying, etc. The meeting intended to encourage contributions that adopt a historical, ethnographical, critical and reflexive perspective and that suggest comparison of ways of collecting and analyzing large quantities of data. The Swiss STS Meeting lasted three days, and hosted plenary sessions, roundtables, and paper sessions. It brought together keynote speakers of the field and young STS scholars (PhD candidates and postdoc).


The goal of the Swiss Association for the Study of Science, Technology and Society (STS-CH) is to promote the socio-political, historical and epistemological study of the sciences in Switzerland by organizing conferences and facilitating contacts among scholars. Activities include the co-organization of local STS-events, international symposia and Swiss STS meetings.

Since the first Swiss STS Meeting in Zürich in 1999, several conferences have been organized with the support of STS-CH, like the STS Summer School 2001 in Lausanne, the EASST conference 2006 in Lausanne, the Swiss STS Meeting 2008 ScienceFutures in Zurich, the Science Going Neuro Conference 2010 in Basel.

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