Subproject D

Gabriel Mugny, University of Geneva, Social Influence Research Group

Peer review: Identity stakes in competent individuals

Peer review is a fundamental regulation tool in academia and the prototype of the normative (ideological) selection process in the promotion of science. This subproject applies the competence threat approach to study social psychological dynamics in peer reviewing. It is argued that peer reviewing is not only aimed at selecting good manuscripts or proposals through fair intrapersonal processing of their content, but also at showing competence, in particular through derogation of equally competent peers when the struggle for competence constitutes a threat to self-competence in interpersonal or intergroup relations. It investigates possible mechanisms of hindering in peer assessment that depend on the articulation of various levels of analysis, mainly the ideological and the interpersonal levels.

The full project can be obtained by contacting Gabriel Mugny.


Lucie Colpaert