Environment commitment


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Sustainability means the need for society to maintain a degree of prosperity while at the same time reducing the environmental impact by showing consideration and fair repartition of limited resources. The solutions lie not only in scientific and technological innovations, but also in institutional, economic and social innovations. Switzerland, qualified by Forbes as the World Cleanest Country, is a leader environmental performer and top as one of the most innovative countries. Thus, it is considered by China as a trustworthy partner to learn from on the path to a successful sustainable growth.

Switzerland and China work hand-in-hand to foster a more sustainable development and to focus on the prevailing challenges to face. Since 2014, the new phase of this bilateral program intends to explore and address these goals by linking human resources management trainings to sustainable development topics such as strengthening urban-rural linkages and regional structural policy-making, sustainable energy and resources management, improving participatory procedures in decision making, etc.

As an educational and research institution, the University of Lausanne took the responsibility to analyze in depth the sustainable as a field, but also to actively contribute to environmental protection.  Since 20 years, the University of Lausanne has taken many concrete steps to reduce its impact on the environment, recycling for instance 50% of its waste and constantly looking to optimize its energy consumption.

We support this environment commitment and encourage every student to act and behave in environmentally friendly ways. Sorting waste and turning off the lights are examples of some simple acts that impact our environment. We would like to make you aware of it and thank you to behave accordingly and with respect.