Maps on the Prison Population Rates

(figures are updated periodically)

Please check the up-to-date maps regularly.

SPACE I 2009
Prison Population Rates on 1st September 2009

SPACE I 2010
Prison Population Rates on 1st September 2010

SPACE I 2011
Prison Population Rates on 1st September 2011
Per 100000 inhabitants_2011
SPACE I 2012
Prison Population Rates on 1st September 2012
Per 100000 inhabitants_2012


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  1. Bas van der Starre

    Dear sir or madam

    I am Bas van der Starre and I am doing an internship for Professor Javier Sierra, he is a professor of Penitentiary Systems and Politic Observations.

    The objective of this e-mail is to present to you our observations and also to tell you that we have placed a link of your organization´s website on our website. The website of our observations is

    On this website you can find information, documentations and resources of the Spanish Penitentiary systems, and of other countries.

    With this e-mail I would like to ask you if you could place a link of our website on your organization’s website so people can find information about the Spanish penitentiary system.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Bas van der Starre

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