Organizational Committee

Roberta Antonini Philippe (President)

Currently Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Sport Sciences in the University of Lausanne, I received my PHD in Sport Psychology in 2002 at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. I worked for almost 10 years at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen (SFISM) in the field of teaching and research in sport psychology. Afterward, I joined the University of Geneva as a teacher from 2010 to 2013.
My main research interests are oriented towards exploring the dynamics of organizing, disorganizing and reorganizing different types of athletic or artistic performances. I have developed many works in the field of interpersonal relationships in sport. These research also contribute to the field of intervention in order to improve the performance levels of athletes and artists in an immediate and/or long term perspective, as well as preserve the integrity of the practitioners on the psychological and social aspects. These interventions are characterized in the form of recommendations for training or psychological services.
Since 2007, I am also very active in psychological services for athletes and musicians.

  • Antonini Philippe, R., Guesewell, A., & Hauw, D. (2017, in press), « La simulation de concours d’orchestre : analyse qualitative et située de l’activité des musiciens », Cahiers de la société québécoise de la recherche en musique.
  • Antonini Philippe, R., Rochat, N., Vauthier, M., & Hauw, D. (2016). The story of withdrawals during an ultra-trail running race: A qualitative investigation of runners’ courses of experience. The Sport Psychologist 30, p. 361-375.
  • Antonini Philippe R., Gerber M., Hauw D., Sagar S.S, « Players ‘Perceptions of Coaches’ : contributions to their Mental Toughness », (2016). International Journal of Coaching Science10(1), p. 3-17.


Denis Hauw (Vice president)

After having been an physical education and sports teacher (in 1988) and a high-level gymnastic coach, I continued my university studies and received my PHD in Sport Psychology in 1992, at the University of Paris X. I was then Lecturer of Conferences in STAPS in different French universities (La Réunion, Toulouse, Montpellier) and I obtained my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (2008) in Montpellier. I have been a sport psychologist since 1999 with the French team of trampoline, freestyle skiing, but also with various elite sports training centers (fencing, athletics). I was President of the French Ecoute Dopage freephone number from 2010 to 2013. I was recruited as Professor of Sport Psychology at the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne in 2012. I lead the group “Sport psychology” by focusing our activities on research, training and intervention in an “enactive” approach to sport activity, i.e. focusing on understanding the meanings that emerge with the actions of athletes or coaches in training or competition situations.


Vincent Gesbert (Organizational Committee assistant)

After obtaining a PHD in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities at the University Rennes 2, dealing with the study of interpersonal coordination in football, I arrived at the University of Lausanne in 2015 as First Assistant. My research are in the field of sport psychology and involve an enactive approach to human activity (4E Approach). My current work focuses on the description and understanding of collective activities in the context of team sports (e.g., football team) and sports dyads (e.g., swimrun). I am also interested in the characterization of the development of sports talent in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the way in which the new technologies (e.g., statistical analysis) are used by the coaches in their coaching activity.


Céline Kosirnik (General secretary)

After completing my Master’s Degree in Health Psychology at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in February 2017, I was awarded a post of Research Officer at the Institute of Social Sciences in the field of maltreatment research and sexual abuse of children in Switzerland. During my university studies, I did my master’s work under the direction of Prof. Denis Hauw. This study, which focuses on the personal, athletic and artistic development of the dancers of the Rudra Béjart school, is part of the empirical research program of the “cours d’action” and mobilizes the theories of the enactive approach. Following the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Sport Psychology at UNIL, I would like to specialize in this field.


Organizational Committee :

  • Présidence : Roberta Antonini Philippe
  • Vice-presidency : Denis Hauw
  • Assistant : Vincent Gesbert
  • General secretary : Céline Kosirnik
  • Tiffany Astolfi
  • Romain Chasles