Second paper from the Sequence a genome class published

After a first paper in June last year, a second paper from our class of sequencing, assembling and annotating bacterial genomes with Master students is out:

Sequencing and characterizing the genome of Estrella lausannensis as an undergraduate project: training students and biological insights
Claire Bertelli, Sébastien Aeby, Bérénice Chassot, James Clulow, Olivier Hilfiker, Samuel Rappo, Sébastien Ritzmann, Paolo Schumacher, Céline Terrettaz, Paola Benaglio, Laurent Falquet, Laurent Farinelli, Walid H. Gharib, Alexander Goesmann, Keith Harshman, Burkhard Linke, Ryo Miyazaki, Carlo Rivolta, Marc Robinson-Rechavi, Jan Roelof van der Meer and Gilbert Greub
Front. Microbiol. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2015.00101

The master student names are in bold.

In this paper, we both report the genome, and a description of the class organisation the first year that the class operated, with the challenges of this new approach at the time:

Organization of the course “Sequence a genome” in 2010–2011

Moreover, all the biological conclusions and associated figures are drawn directly from the student reports on their annotation effort:

Map of the 9.1-kb Estrella plasmid

We also included a comparison of similar genomics hands-on courses around the world:

Comparison of genomics courses and teaching initiatives

We hope that this will be helpful not only to microbiologists, but also to teachers everywhere who want to implement similar classes.

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