Annotating two genomes #biocuration

The students have started annotating the two best genomes from the assembly. For this, most of them are using the GenDB platform to annotate specific systems:

  • Secretion systems;
  • Transporters;
  • Prophages and genomic islands;
  • Aromatic compound metabolism;
  • alternative respiration;
  • Replicons;
  • N-fixation and N-respiration.

Most of these are being annotated by different pairs of students in each of the two strains.

In addition, since we have two strains of the same species with good enough assemblies, and more students than in previous years, some student pairs are annotating comparisons between the strains:

  • SNP calling;
  • Genome comparisons between strains and with closest neighbors;
  • Reconstruction of aromatic compound pathway evolution;
  • Phylogenetic supertree of close species.

Depending on topics, this allows students to explore different aspects of bioinformatics and of biocuration, while getting to see the biological relevance of the genome sequencing (see the feedback of students on our course last year). Until we get results, you can see the highlights of annotation from last year.

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