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Annotating Ralstonia genomes: what have our students been up to? #biocuration #bioinformatics

Last week of annotation by our students (see list of annotation topics). Let’s see what they’re up to. This is a snapshot of an unfinished annotation. In which of the three replicons are the core genes? And first, are they … Continue reading

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Annotating two genomes #biocuration

The students have started annotating the two best genomes from the assembly. For this, most of them are using the GenDB platform to annotate specific systems: Secretion systems; Transporters; Prophages and genomic islands; Aromatic compound metabolism; alternative respiration; Replicons; N-fixation … Continue reading

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Closing the assembly #bioinformatics

We left you with assemblies numbering tens of contigs. The next step was for our students to order them. We chose to go ahead only for strains 705 and 743. For strain 705 we had an optical map to help … Continue reading

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