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Bacterial genome annotation strategies

Into our third week of genome annotation, a look at the strategies of different student pairs. In all of these, annotation is still ongoing. Integrated phages and genomic islands: Neochlamydia: No results with PHAST. 🙁 GC-skew confirmed the order of … Continue reading

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Starting to annotate our two genomes

We have now started annotating our two genomes with our students. We use GenDB, a semi-automated system which provides a first run of automatic annotations, and integration of results from many bioinformatics analyses (BLAST against various databases, trans-membrane domains, etc.) … Continue reading

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Genome assembly done for two bacteria

During the Autumn semester we have sequenced and asssembled two genomes: one from a Neochlamydia and one from a Ralstonia. We have first ran one Illumina lane for both genomes, then the students assembled these reads using a variety of … Continue reading

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