If many European countries draw inspiration from the German model, Swiss vocational education– whether initial (secondary) or upper VET (tertiary level) –also attracts the attention of governments, as they see it as a potential solution to economic crises, especially when it comes to endemic youth unemployment. Therefore, the 9th “Youth & Societies (in Europe and the Mediterranean basin)” Meeting will focus on vocational training in this specific region. It offers a particularly relevant prism through which to reflect on the social, political, and economic, but also the ethical and deontological, issues that are at the heart of young people’s experiences, whether they are still in training or have already entered the labor market.

Addressing vocational training at the crossroads between education and employment will allow participants to explore themes that have been important at all of the Youth & Societies meetings, such as professional and social integration, transition to adulthood, gender and migration. This will be an opportunity to assess the various forms VET systems take in different countries (axis 1), to define their publics (axis 2), to question their impact in terms of integration into the labor market (axis 3), and to examine their socializing reach (axis 4). All these aspects will be addressed in a multidisciplinary manner during this 9th Meeting.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne !

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