Lab members

Philippe Reymond, Associate Professor

After completing a PhD in 1989 on IAA and ABA phytohormones in maize at the University of Lausanne, Philippe joined the group of Winslow Briggs at the Carnegie Institution of Washington (Stanford University) where he studied blue light photoperception. In 1992, he returned to the University of Lausanne and joined the group of Ted Farmer to investigate signal transduction in plant defense. In 1997, Philippe spent several months in Stanford to learn the DNA microarray technology and introduced it at the University of Lausanne. Appointed MER (group leader) in 2002, he started his independent research on plant-insect interactions. In 2012, he received the title of privat-docent from the University of Lausanne. In 2014, Philippe was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

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Caroline Darimont, lab technician


Caroline was involved in the Arabidopsis CATMA project and amplified more than 25’000 GSTs by PCR for realization of a full-genome microarray. She is providing technical support for different research projects. She specifically studies signaling of insect egg perception in Arabidopsis.

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Raphaël Groux, PhD student (2015- )


Raphaël graduated from the MLS master program of the University of Lausanne. He is studying the hypersensitive response that is induced by Pieris brassicae eggs on Arabidopsis. He will try to exploit Arabidopsis natural variation to explore this response.

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Esteban Alfonso, PhD student (2016- )


Esteban started in the group as a master student from the MLS master program of the University of Lausanne. His project is on P. brassicae egg-induced systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis.

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Elia Stahl, postdoc (2016-)


Elia obtained his PhD in Düsseldorf in the group of J¨rgen Zeier, working on indolic defense metabolites in Arabidopsis. Elia joined the group to work on the characterization of egg-derived elicitors and on plant defense signalling in response to insect oviposition in Arabidopsis.

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Fabian Schweizer, advanced postdoc (2017-)


During his PhD in the group, Fabian studied the involvement of Arabidopsis transcription factors in defense against herbivory. He revealed a crucial role for MYC2, MYC3, and MYC4 as master regulators of defense gene expression in the JA pathway. After a short stay in the group of Laurent Zimmerli in Taipei, he joined the group of Alain Goossens (VIB, Ghent, BE) as postdoc, funded by FNS and EMBO fellowships. Fabian studied the regulation of secondary metabolism in Catharanthus roseus. Back in the group under the “return grant” program of the FNS, he will study secondary metabolism in Marchantia polymorpha.

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Zigmunds Orlovskis, postdoc (2017-)

Zigmunds studied in Latva and then obtained his PhD in Norwich (John Innes Center) in the group of Saskia Hogenhout, working on the role of a bacterial (phytoplasma) effector protein SAP54 in altering plant development and enhancing plant colonisation by its insect vector. Zigmunds joined the group to work on plant defense signalling in response to insect oviposition in Arabidopsis.

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