Average daily hotel room rate

Hotels **, *** and sometimes ****: between CHF 90 and 150
Hotels *** and ****: between CHF 150 and 200
Hotels **** and *****: CHF 200 and more

Online Booking platform

If you wish to stay at the hotel or at the youth hostel, please consult the special online booking platform created by Lausanne-Tourism:

Click here to access.

These hotels are geographically well situated and are accessible by public transport.

If you have any questions about how to book a room on the platform, please contact Ms Claudia Furnari from Lausanne-Tourism :

Budget-friendly solutions

Pension Bienvenue

Nice women-only guesthouse located very close to Lausanne Railway Station. Average price: CHF 70

Rue du Simplon 2, 1006 Lausanne / T. +41 21 616 29 86 /

Camping de Vidy

A pleasant camping at the lake side. Average price: CHF 25

Chemin du camping 3 / 1007 Lausanne / T. +41 21 622 50 00 /


Find a room, an apartment or a house to rent.


An original and free concept where you can stay with locals. A good occasion to meet people and to discover the country from the inside.

Lausanne Transport Card

The Lausanne Transport Card is a name specific card which is given to each visitor paying the overnight tourist tax while staying in a hotel or guest house in Lausanne. It gives free and unrestricted access to all public transport services in the city (bus, train, metro). It is valid for the duration of the reservation, including the arrival and departure days (maximum 15 days). More information available here.

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