Do you need a break between two panels or are you getting bored meanwhile? During the week, some exhibitions for free are planned on the campus :

Illustrated travel accounts in the digital age

VIATICALPES is a research project affiliated with the Centre for Historical and Cultural Studies (SHC) of the University of Lausanne. It consists of a website – fed by the VIATIMAGES database – that provides users with more than 3’000 illustrations of travel memoirs in Switzerland from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th Century, including associated travel literature. In collaboration with the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne, the VIATICALPES team will organise a special exhibition displaying books from Antiquity to their dissemination in the digital era. More information here (in French).

Sculpture Triennale on campus – second edition (2016-2017)

For the second time, the UNIL Triennale offers to Swiss artists the possibility to display their work open air on the campus. This year,19 installations were selected to liven up the green spaces and accompany the students, professors and passers-by during the four seasons. The winner will have the opportunity to organise there a monographic exhibition. More information available here.

Children‘s drawings of gods: from reproduction to imagination and back

As part of a project led at the University of Lausanne, more than 6’500 drawings of children representing gods or other supernatural agents have been collected in eight countries (Switzerland, Russia, Iran, the Netherlands, Nepal, Romania, Japan and the United States). In this exhibition, you will discover several of these children’s drawings. You will also have the opportunity, through a video in English, to discover the influence of models accessible to children on their production of representations of gods. How does the child conform to well-known representations, and what is the use of hybrids?… Whole text available here (in French).

Exhibition of works from the Lausanne Art School (ECAL)

In the framework of this conference, the University of Lausanne is collaborating with the ECAL by showing some of its students’ works linked with the “reproduction” theme. Thus, this exhibition aims to provide another point of view on the topic which will undoubtedly enrich our understanding of the impact of reproduction on artistic creation.

Eleventh International IAWIS/AIERTI Conference | University of Lausanne, Switzerland | 10-14 July 2017