News on our website, part 2

The month of July is getting closer, and our long-awaited conference too! It’s time to review the latest improvements concerning the news and updates available now on our website :

  • The registration tab has been already activated for a few weeks (don’t forget!)
  • The final list of the papers presented during the week is available in a pdf version under “documents to download”.
  • The final week program as well as the panels’ daily distribution (downloadable in a pdf version) has been updated. Be careful, some (minor) changes have been made!
  • The abstracts for the two plenary conferences and the theme of the film screening on Tuesday are now known.
  • Some new events (two exhibitions for free linked with reproduction, to discover during the week) have been added.

That’s it for now! We hope that you’ll find these informations useful. Don’t hesitate to react on the social networks!