In total, 56 participants responded using the questionnaire (Appendix 15. Evaluation questionnaire of guidelines). Professional qualifications were split evenly among SAP1, 3 and 4, and included senior researchers, doctors and professors/lecturers. SAP2 was more diversified and included numerous professionals (nurses, pharmacists, doctors, health promotion department heads and trainers). Most participants had knowledge of qualitative research and had at least 5 years of practice in it.

We received 146 questionnaires (of the 192 expected), mainly from European countries (Appendix 2: Distribution of respondents by country). Certain guides that had not been examined were redistributed both to the Lausanne team and SAP experts, to ensure an equal number of evaluations. As such, all the guides were evaluated at least twice.

In terms of distribution, there was an overrepresentation of questionnaires sent back by SAP2 (nursing, health education), with over 50 returns. SAP1 (medicine, epidemiology), 3 (social sciences, public health) and 4 (psychology/psychiatry, methods and organization) returned 36, 29 and 31 questionnaires respectively. One can then hypothesize that nursing and health education users feel more closely linked to the issue regarding qualitative research and its scientific recognition. This hypothesis is plausible given the exponential development of qualitative research publications within these disciplines.

The 146 questionnaires allowed to:

  • Identify important/recurrent categories from all sources taken together
  • Identify important/recurrent categories according to disciplines
  • Determine groups of generic vs. specific criteria according to disciplines or from all sources taken together
  • Organise these explicit and reasoned criteria in specific toolbox for each health domain

Examples of open questions of the evaluation questionnaire of guidelines:

  • Q24: List criteria present in the guideline that appear to be most important for your work as an expert
  • Q25: List criteria present in the guideline that do not seem to be relevant in the context of your work as an expert
  • Q26: Which important criteria could be missing from the guideline ?


Results Phase IV