Research Phases

The methodology included 4 phases, based on the observation that there is a profusion of non-comparable guidelines due to:

  • Heterogeneity of existing guidelines
  • Heterogeneity in terms of depth of content and diversity of backgrounds in health sciences
  • Heterogeneity of the objectives of the criteria (methodological, epistemological, theoretical, publications, researcher qualities, etc.)
  • Variability and lack of definition of the criteria
  • Poor knowledge of criteria for users and review editors

Phase I – Data collection / Pre-classification of the corpus / Content analysis

Phase II – Lexicometric analysis with Alceste

Phase III – Workshops and peer users test

Phase IV – Synthesis of results / Creation of a TOOLBOX of main consensual criteria of qualitative research / Dissemination

These four phases and their results are described in detail in the following subsections of this page.