Steering group

The steering group was composed of psychologists, sociologists and ethicists.


Marie Santiago Delefosse, Full Professor, Research Center on Health Psychology (CerPsa), University of Lausanne


Lazare Benaroyo, Associate Professor, Head of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Unit-Ethos, University of Lausanne


Alain Kaufmann, Director, Science-Society Interface, University of Lausanne



Christine Bruchez, Research Assistant, University of Lausanne
Sarah Stephen, Graduate Assistant, University of Lausanne
Amaelle Gavin, Graduate Assistant, University of Lausanne
Nadja Eggert, Research Assistant, University of Lausanne


Selected Assessement Panel

More than 60 experts in qualitative methods in social and human health sciences participated in this research.

Medicine & Epidemiology:

M. Bochud Medicine
University institut of social and preventive medicine, Lausanne Switzerland
S. Monod Medicine University of Lausanne Switzerland
C. Julian-Reynier Epidemiology, Oncology INSERM, Paoli-Calmettes Institute France

Nursing, Education & Literacy:

E. Hirsch Durrett Public health University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
J.F. d’Ivernois Science Education LEPS France
D. Morin Nursing University of Lausanne Switzerland
J. Richardson Nursing School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth GB

Social Sciences & Public Health:

I. Maffi Anthropology University of Lausanne Switzerland
J.C. Mino Public health, Medicine & Ethics Curie Institute France
V. Mottier Sociology University of Lausanne; Jesus College, Cambridge Switzerland/GB
F. Panese Sociology, Medicine & Society University of Lausanne Switzerland

Psychology, Methods & Research Organisation:

D. Castro Director of the School of practicing psy, Editor Psychoprat France
A. Giami Public health, Sexuality, Ethics INSERM France
I. Todorova Health Psychology Health Psychology Research Center Bulgaria


40 « peer users » also participated in this research: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, sociologists, professors, heads of service, research assistant