Nest-boxes monitoring

Les œufs de chouettes effraie sont blancs. Ils mesurent environ 4 cm de longueur.
Oeufs d’effraie

Over the entire reproductive season, we monitor all nest boxes to spot all barn owl nests.

From March to October, ornithologists visit every nest box once a month to determine where the owls laid eggs.

We visit nest boxes at night to reduce disturbance as much as possible. Indeed, the barn owl is nocturnal, and when we come to a nest box, the owls can quickly go out and come back once we leave. During these night controls, we measure and candle the eggs to determine on which day they were laid. We try to determine whether the adults are in the surroundings, and we write down if there are fresh pellets and some uneaten prey items inside the nest boxes.

En mirant les œufs (en les plaçant à contre-jour), on peut déterminer leur âge.
Stades des oeufs