Matteo Scarponi

Ph.D. student at Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Lausanne.

In the frame of OROG3NY, my current project aims at studying and understanding the crustal structure of North-Italy Ivrea area, by means of geophysical investigations.

To this purpose, my activity is devoted to the collection of both gravity and seismic data, together with the further associated analysis. Receiver functions analysis out of seismic data will be combined with 3-D density structure out of gravity data, in order to provide a refined image of the Earth’s crust.


Research interests

  • Seismology
  • Receiver functions and gravity modelling
  • Inverse problems
  • Mathematical modelling in Geophysics


2017 M. Sc. in Physics of Earth System at University of Bologna, Italy

2014 B. Sc. in Physics at University of Bologna, Italy

Conferences Abstracts

  • M. Scarponi, G. Hetényi, IvreaArray WG. High-resolution imaging of the Ivrea Geophysical Body: A receiver function and gravity approach, 3rd TIDES Advanced Training School, Poster session, Oxford (UK), July 2017.