Kristel Chanard

I am a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, formerly a graduate student at the École Normale Supérieure and IPGP in Paris, France.


Research Interests

I am interested in large scale Earth deformation induced by various sources and implications for rheological properties of the Earth and associated physical processes.

In frame of OROG3NY I currently work on Metamorphism as seen by Geophysics. We investigate the physics of metamorphic reactions at large spatial scale and their possible role in earthquakes triggering through associated volume changes in the Himalaya, and particularly within the Indian lower crust undergoing eclogitization.

Previously, as a PhD candidate, I worked on modeling deformation of the Earth induced by periodic loading, especially under seasonal hydrological loading. Particularly, I worked on:

  • Improving the global seasonal displacements model of the Earth’s response to mass variations measurable through the gravity mission GRACE to match the observations at GPS sites.
  • Using the seasonal mode of deformation to place constraints on the Earth’s rheology at an annual time scale, from a bound on the short-term viscosity of the asthenosphere to the kinetics of the transition zone phase transformations.
  • Investigating the possible role of small periodic loading in triggering laboratory earthquakes.


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Invited Talks

  • K. Chanard, Déformation saisonnière de la Terre par l’hydrologie et impact sur la sismicité, Isterre, Grenoble, France (2015).
  • K. Chanard, Elastic response of the Earth to seasonal variations of continental water in the Himalaya, GeoForschungsZentrum and University of Postdam, Postdam, Germany (2011).

Selected Conferences abstracts

  • K. Chanard, A. Nicolas, S. Latour, F. Pétrélis, T. Hatano, A. Schubnel, Dynamic acoustic emission triggering by small periodic pore pressure variations during brittle creep experiments, AGU (2015).
  • K. Chanard, L. Fleitout, E. Calais, S. Barbot, J-P. Avouac, Response of a spherical viscoelastic Earth to seasonal loading derived from GRACE, AGU (2015).
  • K. Chanard, A. Schubnel, S. Nielsen, S. Vinciguerra, J. Tadeucci, R. Madariaga, Radiation of kinked faults in laboratory earthquakes, EGU (2012).

Ph.D. Thesis

Seasonal deformation of the Earth induced by hydrological loading and impact on seismicity, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France (2015).